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    Mar 2017

    LVS Fungo bat model H29, G160, K100, S345, others?

    Does anyone know who the following Louisville Slugger fungo bat models were originally turned for and the approximate year they were created?


    Plus, if anyone knows of any other LVS fungo bat model numbers please share on this post.

    Thank you!

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    H29: Fred Hunter 1928

    G160: Alex Grammas 1984

    K100: Johnnie Keane 1961

    S345: Buck Showalter 2003

    U46: Kevin Uhrhan 2008 (S345 w/ U45 knob)

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    Mar 2017

    Thank you so much! This is very difficult information to find, so I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my post. Reviewing old bat records gave me a ballpark idea of the years, but the names were hard to pin down. For example in regard to the K100, I noticed old bat order records showed Al Kaline getting model K88 in the mid-50s, Harmon Killebrew model K98 in the late 50s, and Rod Kanehl model K113 in 1962 or 63, so I figured the K100 was approximate to 1960.

    In addition to the five fungo bat models you mention, I know of a model 43 (with no letter prefix), but no others. In the history of your company is the H29, K100, S345, G160, U46, and 43 the only mlb fungo models or do others exist?

    Thank you again for your time and wisdom,




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