There is a listing currently up (BIN) featuring a "game used 1974 Mets road jersey worn by Tug McGraw. Part of that description is correct, but part of it isn't. Allow me to go into that part.

The seller points out the strip tag in the McGraw jersey's collar that cites it as being from 1972. That was the year it was worn, and there's no issue with its game worn status.

Where the seller errs is in claiming that McGraw wore it in 1974, using the scripted Mets front to support that idea. THAT'S where he's incorrect.

While the Mets DID wear road gamers with a scripted team nickname on the front in 1974, those were manufactured by Rawlings, not Wilson. Wilson DID supply the Mets with road knits in 1972-73, but those had the same NEW YORK font as the Mets earlier flannel road gamers. as well as the current road (and road alternate) gamers. The Mets script front on the 72-73 Wilson road gamers is a result of removing the NEW YORK front and replacing it with a METS front for additional use in the minor leagues. Such front changes are very common for this year/style combo.

Yep, the jersey IS a road gamer of Tug...but the history of when and where it was worn is off.

I was unable to approach the seller with this information as he isn't taking messages via eBay at this time,

Dave Miedema