This is a road jersey by Puma in a size 46 with a lineman's cut and untagged extra length. The jersey has surface wear on the sleeve stripes and the 2 Arizona state flags, as well as a couple of repairs on the collar. Burke played for 4 seasons with Arizona (1999-2002). The jersey does not have a year tag, but would be dated to either 1999 or 2000, as those are the 2 years that Puma outfitted the Cardinals. Of the two, it's more likely from 1999, as Burke played in all 16 games that season, whereas he only appeared in 2 games in 2000. Asking $70 ppd. I have no means of posting pictures, but will answer any and all questions. PayPal OK.

Dave Miedema (email only, not for PayPal).

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