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    Apr 2018

    How screwed Am I ???? Shipping To Canada

    So to make a long story short i usually do not sell many items let alone on Ebay. Well I needed a few extra bucks. Put up a jersey and it sold for 650.00 buy it now to a fellow I have dealt before in Canada.

    I leave a note for the wife to get insurance for 600.00 this morning on top of the package with the customs forms all filled out. I call the wife "Thanks for mailing my package and did you make sure to get insurance ?" dead silence on the other end of the phone. Now I know that is not good.

    Needless to say it is being shipped to Canada with no insurance and a full declared value.

    Any bets if it makes it ?

    A few sleepless days await a clicked click

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    Moderator metsbats's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    Could you have used ebay's Global Shipping service and have them take care of shipping to Canada which includes doing all the forms and insurance?

    (I"m assuming you're in the US)

    Always looking for 1973,1986,1988,1999,2000,2006 game used Mets post season and Bobby M. Jones and Ed Hearn NY Mets game used bats.

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    how was it shipped? priority or priority express? if express, it takes about a week to get there and they will have to sign for it which always helps. i have been shipping to canada for years via usps priority express with signature requirement and have never had a package get lost (knock on wood). one time i did have a package get lost for a little over a month, but it did turn up. i dont know how long the other methods take to get there.



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