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    Did they get it right?

    Huge play last night in the ALCS with fan interference on the Altuve shot. Do you guys agree with the call or were the Astro's robbed???

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    He would have caught the ball had it not been for the fans... correct call.

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    Feb 2009
    They got it right. video showed clearly the fan hitting the glove as he was trying to catch it, before his glove had a chance to cross the line.

    There's been an epidemic of fan interference the past few years, although authenticated balls are available inexpensively from the teams. I'm glad they're cracking down. We don't need interfering fans being treated as heroes, as occurred in New York a few years ago.

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    I agree with the call but it's funny how many people have a different take on the play. I was even surprised after the review how the announcer onTBS made the comment, "lucky call for the Red Sox and unlucky call for thr Astro's. There was no luck involved....it was the right call.

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    Apr 2009
    Yeah, I remember that. A kid named Jeffrey Maier interfered, did'nt get caught, and the mental midgets at Upper Deck wanted to put him on a baseball card...at least until hobby backlash drove Upper Deck to their senses and they cancelled the idea.

    Dave Miedema



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