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    Sep 2012

    Goldin Auctions is NOW CLOSING LOT BY LOT. 30 minute rule, no more sniping or late

    no more late nights
    no more sniping
    here it is

    c) “30-Minute Rule”: You must place an initial bid on anitem before 10:00 PM Eastern Time on auction
    closing day to be eligible to bid on that item during theextended bidding period that starts at 10:00 PM.
    If you are the only bidder on a given lot at 10:00 PM thenthat lot is automatically closed out and you are
    declared the winner. At 10:00 PM Eastern Time, the 30 MinuteRule starts and EACH lot will close
    individually after that lot goes 30 minutes with no newbids. Whenever a new bid is placed, the 30-
    minute timer will be reset and the countdown will restart.If you are the current high bidder on a lot and
    you change your ceiling bid after 10:00 PM, this will notextend the bidding time, only a bid placed by
    another bidder or a higher "straight bid" placedby the current high bidder will reset the ending time on
    that lot. This rule provides all bidders the opportunity tobid on the lots they are eligible to bid on
    without getting "sniped" due to time constraints.Bidders need to watch their MyAccount page and login
    first to see status of lots that they are bidding on duringextended bidding.
    The Company may edit the closing rules of any auction due tothe size of the
    auction or any technical issues that may occur. The Companywill email our bidders if there is any
    change in the closing procedure that deviates from theabove. The Company is not responsible if
    an individual user has unsubscribed from GA’s notificationemails and therefore the user does not
    receivethe closing update emai

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    Sep 2014
    That's great news Ken. Also good to see the transparency of emailing any change in the closing procedure. Lelands has some very subtle yet key language within their lot by lot rule set that basically renders the whole lot by lot format, moot.

    Lelandsreserves the right, in its sole discretion, to shorten or extend these closing times, as it deems appropriate



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