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    Mar 2010

    Let's Make GUU Great Again

    Hey guys and girls,

    Over the last year I noticed what went from steady activity to several posts a week.

    Did I miss something? This has been an incredible asset to the GU community and we've all made friends, learned a lot and had fun talking sports and sports memorabilia.

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    the format change seemed to have killed it along with the inability to post photos in the threads. used to get my morning started by looking through the monthly pickup threads. now i dont think there has been one even created for the last few months.

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    Sep 2012
    The old serving company screwed us, they forced an update which wiped it out . That’s why we moved servers
    if you can post a list of issues that exist or email Doug Reiser. Dougiedshow@aol.com
    we can have ie meeting with new software and server people and try to get all resolved at once

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    Mar 2008
    Aside from the comments already mentioned(website not being super user friendly), I believe ppl are steadily moving to other formats, such as Facebook, to post and display/sell items. Itís literally take a pic and go.

    What this site needs is an app.

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    I would love to see an app. The picture posting is awful. Iíve added some bats recently and want to contribute but itís too much of a headache to even post pics. Also, the Expertís Corner had a few really good posts but nothing new in two years.

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    Senior Member Samets's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    There's an app you can use... It's called Tapatalk. It only requires a small plug in on the forum side.

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    Sep 2014
    I don't really sell many (if any) items but possibly some migration to FB groups might align with them not having the $$$ restriction on asking price.

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    Nov 2012
    I would suspect the numbers show a gradual decline year over year since 2013, whereas the past 2 years have exponentially declined. I think the death blow was the migration to the new site and flushing of passwords. The process to re-register and set a new password did not work, which made the re-registration even worse. I somewhat live by the motto that 'change is good', but many will take the path of least resistance.

    My suggestions would be to start going through the database one-by-one and calling them with password assistance, ESPECIALLY Brian Hillerich who provided some of the most valuable data known to bat collectors.

    I also felt that the negativity was rising and somewhat depressing to look at posts because it only focused on the negative. I am tired of the negative and would love to see more positive posts. For example, look at the Auction Item threads, it is all about what is fake and bad, but what about the great stuff? When people did post about great stuff, they would be accused of pumping their own auction items, SMH.

    Addition and involvement of "other auction house" persona, such as Dave Grobb and Troy Kinunen, etc. Please don't take this comment the wrong way, but for the past several years this site has become a "Goldin Auctions Posse", and involving other counterparts in the business would be great for all of us. Again, not a dig against you Ken, you have been great to this hobby but your purchase of GUU removed some of the independence.

    Allowing Wiki threads. I emailed Chris about this a few times over the years and never received a response on this one. Wiki threads allow the thread owner to continue to edit the first post, which allows for a well organized thread where information is updated in user posted threads over time. An example of where this could be applicable is in a thread for MLB Team Game Used Contacts. Scoreboard Jerseys would be another great one. I would love to work with you on a pilot of one thread to demonstrate the value of organizing and aggregating data in a wiki thread.

    I share the same desire to make this site great again and I think it can be done.


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    Mar 2008
    Does it make it easier to post photos? I think thats the main issue right now. The accessibility to take and post photos and not worry about size.

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    I think one of the problems with the decline has been that itís sooo hard to get registered and then approved to post on the forums. It took me 5-6 months to get access back. Granted it was only a handful of times. I would request access, get to read posts for about a week then Iíd receive an email saying My account was removed and I did not meet membership requirements. This happened each time.

    I finally found it IT email address, sent a note to them and was finally granted access to post. It also contained a not saying my requst was lot in all the spam accounts that must get auto declined after a week.

    Others may be having the same issues and are not as persistent as I was. It really should be easier to be able to get access and to post instead of taking multiple attempts over weeks or months.



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