As a 1970s GU Duane Kuiper Indians jersey (which this is listed as), there are many issues with this:

1) The Indians 1975-77 blue jerseys were navy blue, not royal blue.

2) The style had NOBs (this doesn't)

3) The style did not have racing stripes down the sleeves (this does)

4) The style has a round patch showing Chief Wahoo swinging a bat (this one doesn't).

5) This is made by Rawlings; the 1975-77 blue style was made by Wilson. Rawlings didn't make the team's blue jerseys until a different style was used in 1978.

Seller was informed, and responded quickly with rude remarks and cheap shots at me. If this is legit, it's minor league, at best. It's NOT MLB in any way, shape or form. Bid accordingly.

Dave Miedema