It's made of some kind of plastic, maybe bakelite and it's marked "Japan". It's been removed from something because it has glue marks on the bottom of the ball. I'm not even sure if this is related to the Athletics. Just wondering if anyone out there has seen this one before.

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November 9 2005, 9:45 PM

I'm from KC where we had the elephant for a few years and, I'm not sure what it's from but it's gotta have been from Charlie O. Finley's Athletics.

Rob M.

Joe K.
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Athletics Memorabilia
November 9 2005, 10:34 PM

Philadelphia Athletics memorabilia is truly some of the most attractive memorabilia, especially their programs. The Philadelphia Atheltics Historical Soceity is a pretty interesting site.

Check out the scorecards/programs link.

This piece could have been from Finley's KC Athletics but I am guessing its more likely from Connie Mack's Atheltics.

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November 9 2005, 10:53 PM

Does anybody know how to tell the age of an elephant. I think that's a starting point.