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    Re: First fake autograph

    Quote Originally Posted by 64SHEA View Post
    I recently bought a signed poster from another collector (not on this site) and it came back as not authentic. I have already emailed the seller to let him know I would like a refund and to ship it back to him. This is the first time I have had an autograph come back as not authentic and I think that the seller should pay for the authentication fee since they sold the item as authentic. Can someone who has been in this situation tell me if that's normal practice or if I am going to have to fight with the guy to get my money?
    For arguments sake, this is your original post.

    Show me where this clearly says you don't even have the poster in question? Because the way I'm reading it, "I would like a refund and to ship it back to him" implies you have possession of the item.

    You close with asking for suggestions from those in the situation. I'm pretty sure you got responses from people from a buyer and seller perspective.

    Along the way, you have been pretty reluctant to take anybody's advice. You continually kept defending yourself rather than assume some responsibility for your purchase.

    You still haven't made it clear what the seller guaranteed, only that they said it was authentic. I'll reiterate to you, since you discussed with the seller and had him send it on your behalf to authentication, the he should refund atleast part of your fees.

    Bear in mind I'm not calling myself a better collector or telling you to take up beanie baby hunting but try to never do that again. From the outside, you bought an item way over your head regardless of how bad you wanted it. Historically, you put yourself in a position people get burned.

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    Re: First fake autograph

    Quote Originally Posted by 64SHEA View Post
    I don't know what to say anymore.
    As I have said over and over all It wanted to know is if it was the norm or not to ask the seller for the authentication fees, especially considering they said they guaranteed it would pass. I don't know what you mean by The first two people answered my question, if Mr Moody had never posted I would have said thanks for the advice that would have been that and this thread would have lived in obscurity never to be posted in again. It seems as though your and Mr Moody's point was that I shouldn't have even sent it to an authenticator in the first place. Physics degree or not I don't trust that I can and would say I definitely cant authenticate most autographs myself. 100% of one party's opinion is better then 100% of no ones opinion. I am not sure how everyone else feels but you two have been quite clear in your opinions so I guess then I should just stop collecting autographs sell my stuff and start collecting beanie babies or something.
    That is not my point at all.
    My point was simply that nobody can be expected to be 100% correct when authenticating autographs.
    You declared the auto as fake, even though you really don't know if it is, simply based off another fallible persons opinion.
    All of your peers tried to point this out to you. You became defensive and here we are.
    This thread may not have gone in the direction you wanted it to and it may have veered from your original question but anyone with a physics degree should know that you have to assume that variables will evidently come up. Not many things in life go according to plan.

    As in the Scots poem by Robert Burns,

    The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men
    Gang aft agley

    paraphrased -The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

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    Re: First fake autograph

    Quote Originally Posted by 64SHEA View Post
    I paid with paypal and it came from overseas so I have 180 days to file a dispute. The seller also mailed it directly to the authenticator and they just received it a couple of days ago.

    While it may just be "one mans opinion" he is a higly respected authenticator in this field and the sellers claim itself without evadince is just one mans opinion. Why should I be happy if I just get a refund, I paid for an item advertized as authentic.

    I understand that many people on here may know and trust each other or have great knowledge in there area of collecting but I didn't realize there was such a (as it seems) disdain for 3rd party authenticators on this forum.
    Me personally I do not trust any 3rd party company. I have had several items obtained in person that were deemed as not genuine. On the reverse, forged items have been authenticated as genuine. There are several examples out there of both of these.

    As I've stated before and others have as well, how many 'experts' are actually working at these authentication companies? How can the 'experts' possibly be looking at every single piece of equipment that comes through their doors? They must have hundreds of experts.

    Just because a company says it's not real doesn't mean it isn't. The same goes for the reverse. I wouldn't trust any of them. Their COA's aren't worth the paper they are printed on. I like to use this site to reference some of the fraudulent autographs that have been authenticated.

    Bottom line is that if I don't get an autograph myself or authenticated by an IN-PERSON authentication such as Steiner or MLB, I will never truly know if it is real or not.



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