anyone familiar with this at all? the ball has signatures on it and stamped on on panel in all caps is BFG SLUGFEST 1955. and below that it says Spalding 121. it is junior league ball made in china. the signatures dont appear to be kids signatures though. also there is hole in it that looks like it was a trophy ball at one time maybe? looks like 9 signatures with one maybe being same person twice (once just says mary ann) other is whole name. here are sigs
Leo L Keinn might be Reinn
W.A. ?laike
Morris C. Hay
W.?. MacKherson
Mary Ann Hamm
M.Y. Morgan
E.W. Barrow might be Burrow
SB Hills
not sure since names dont ring a bell with me if that is correct or not just what i could decipher. anyone got any ideas?