We are pleased to announce that the "News" section of GUU has just been upgraded!

Now, GUU members will be able to view news stories on a daily basis thanks to a relationship we have just entered with Sports Collectors Daily. If you now go to the GUU news section you will see a list of industry related story titles as well as a truncated version of the story's text. If anything catches your eye, simply click on the story's title or the "more..." link and an additional browser window will pop-up enabling you to read the entire story. When you are done with the story simply close the additional window and you will still be on the GUU site. You can access the GUU "News" section by browsing over the "News" tab on the site's Global Navigation and clicking on "Industry News" (we may also be adding other types of news in the future). You can also access this section by clicking the following link:


Since those involved with GUU are currently working on other initiatives that we believe will be of significant benefit to our members (we hope to be rolling these out soon), we see the relationship with Sports Collectors Daily as a perfect fit. Sports Collectors Daily was created with the intent to provide fresh, relevant and regularly updated content to the hobby. Sports Collectors Daily tries to provide at least four, and sometimes more, stories each day. In fact, Sports Collectors Daily creator Rich Mueller put it this way, "We're a little snarky at times but the goal is to be fresh, interesting and fun for everyone who visits. Not stale and boring." We are thrilled that GUU members will be able to benefit from this content.

As always, please feel free to let us know if you have any questions and we hope you enjoy this upgrade to the "News" section of GUU.

Christopher Cavalier
CEO - Game Used Universe