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    Segui named by Grimsley---but all was LEGAL

    Ex-MLB'er Segui says he's player in FBI affidavit


    David Segui, a 15-year major league baseball player who last was on an MLB roster in 2004, says he's one of the players whose names were redacted in the IRS affidavit that said Jason Grimsley received two kits of human growth hormone on April 19.

    In the affidavit, Grimsley told IRS investigators that a player "told him of a doctor in Florida that he was using at a wellness center to obtain human growth hormone & the player told him, "if you are going to do this, you should do it right."

    Segui told ESPN's Jeremy Schaap in an interview Saturday that he is that player, but said he was under a doctor's prescription at the time.
    "It was almost word for word the conversation we had, except there's a couple of key words left out," Segui told Schaap. "You know, 'legal' was one of the major - probably the most major omission in the affidavit & I was, you know, deemed human growth hormone deficient through blood work & the doctor put me on human growth hormone, monitored my levels, monitored blood level, blood work periodically, regularly.

    "&It was perfectly legal," Segui said. "You know, I was under doctor's prescription."

    Segui played for seven teams during his career. Baseball has banned HGH and toughened its testing for other steroids, but there is no reliable test for HGH.

    Segui showed ESPN a prescription for HGH from 2003, and said he continues to take HGH today. He said Grimsley came to him this past offseason, seeking advice about HGH, and how it might help him recover from Tommy John surgery.

    "I told him, I was speaking as a friend&Do it under the doctor's supervision," Segui said. "And my exact words to him were, if you're going to do it, do it the right way." Segui said that eventually Grimsley got HGH from another source, not the doctor Segui suggested.

    In May, agents searched Grimsley's Arizona home following his admission he had used HGH, steroids and amphetamines.

    According to court documents, authorities tracked a package containing two "kits" of HGH -- about a season's worth -- that was delivered at Grimsley's house on April 19. He failed a baseball drug test in 2003, documents showed.

    Grimsley's attorney said federal agents asked Grimsley to wear a listening device to gather evidence against San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds.

    "It was a specific effort to target Bonds," Edward Novak told the Arizona Republic. "We were told that Jason's cooperation was necessary to their case."

    Following the revelation that Grimsley home had been raided, he asked for and was released by the Arizona Diamondbacks. He was later suspended for 50 games by Major League Baseball.

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    Re: Segui named by Grimsley---but all was LEGAL

    What I find interesting is that David Segui practically lived on the disabled list so whatever HGH he was using (under a doctor's care or not) didn't do much good toward quicker healing. It's curious that Grimsley would seek Segui for advice as to use....This is just the tip of the iceberg.

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    Re: Segui named by Grimsley---but all was LEGAL

    When the Orioles signed David Segui to the three year contract that took him to the end of his career, that ended up being one of their worst signings in the last twenty years ranking right up there with the likes of the disasters that were Albert Belle and Glenn Davis. Segui as previously mentioned was chronically injured and was a complete waste especially for what Baltimore paid out for him. It looks like Baltimore has been a regular Pharmacy the last few years with the likes of Jason Grimsley, Rafael Palmeiro, David Segui, Sammy Sosa and now a rumor even arising about Miguel Tejeda and amphetamines all having played in Baltimore over the past two or three years. With more names to go on that list, would anyone be surprised by virtually anyone that Grimsley either played with or associated with being named. Much is yet to be written here.



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