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    Re: Avoid this seller - uwmrules09

    I agree with some sort of feedback section. It should have a section for trusted sellers and a section for sellers to avoid. This way there is one place for all information.

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    Avoid this seller - uwmrules09

    I am sorry to read that some folks on this forum apparently have had problems with Jim Toller, as I have had exactly the opposite experience.

    Jim has gotten me some great and truly rare items, and has always been reliable with shipment, and very fair with pricing.

    I just wanted to present another side of the picture, the picture I know of him.

    -Howard G.

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    Re: Avoid this seller - uwmrules09

    i also bought something from him on 2/20 paid on 2/21. 35. shipped for a lockerroom name plate. a week went past, i got nothing. so i emailed him. he said he was sending it out the next weekend because he was busy. ok i understand, the next weekend nothing. so i emailed him again, 3 weeks go by nothing in the mail no emails. well i see him around miller park a lot during the season and simply tell him that if i dont have my money or my item ill consider it a loss until i see him at miller park and then we can "sort" things out then. a few hours later he want to meet up with me and deliver my item. i paid for shipping but i could care less cause i wanted my item. so i met up with him and got my item. he told me things were busy because he was starting up a small business and things were crazy. hope things work out for you. good luck.

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    Re: Avoid this seller - uwmrules09

    I did actually get my refund. he claims he's sending the gloves for free for all the hassle. I'll let you guys know.
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    Re: Avoid this seller - uwmrules09

    I'll chime in.

    I bought an item from JR - and waited a couple of weeks. He sent me a FREE signed Jim Edmonds World Series hat from 2006 for the trouble. Sure, it took a while, but he made up for it several fold in the end. JR is a good guy, I can't speculate on his life - but he does seem busy.

    Those of you that know me - know that I am straight shooter. This is the truth.
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    Re: Avoid this seller - uwmrules09

    My recent experience with JR involved him committing to buy something from me for $1,200...but he needed 2 weeks to get the money together. I said sure and set the money aside. This was about 4 months ago.

    I have met him and he is a nice young guy...but I think it is fair to say that he is still learning. Then again, I suppose that is true for all of us to some degree.
    Scott Harpt
    scott_harpt at yahoo dot com
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    Re: Avoid this seller - uwmrules09

    I also purchased an item from this seller and had to file a pay-pal dispute to get him to send the item. I do remember that he wanted me to close the dispute before I received the item, but I refused to do so.

    I will say that I did receive the item and was very pleased, I believe he made me a great deal.

    It is hard to say what is going on, I do not believe he is trying to get by with anything. I have had dozens of these type of transactions on Ebay. It is just slow service for various reasons.


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    Re: Avoid this seller - uwmrules09

    no one can ever be worse than KEN GLOUM he went by jrocker49...... he is the biggest jerk and worst person in the world to deal with he is a liar and a cheat, hope it works out for you........................



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