Hello Everyone,

We are thrilled to let you know we have released our new membership programs this morning which we feel are consistent with our goal to provide ever-increasing benefits to the game used collecting community. We have simplified the memberships to a two-tiered structure ('Complimentary Membership' and 'Premium Membership') which we believe provides unsurpassed value to our members.

Most notably, with this upgrade we have moved a number of benefits into our 'Complimentary Membership' package to help disseminate more useful information to the hobby. For example, our Ask The Experts program and our Letters of Authenticity Archive are now available to all registered complimentary members. In addition, we are planning a major initiative in the next few months which we believe will add significant content to the Premium Membership package. You will definitely let you know more about this as soon as we can.

We hope you find the new memberships to be of great value to you. We are extremely excited to make more information available to our 'Complimentary' members and look forward to the discussions that will be generated via the expanded content we are making available to everyone.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions. Here is a list of the benefits now available under our new membership programs:

Complimentary Membership
  • The ability to post on the #1 Forum in the game used hobby
  • The ability to contact members and post photos in our Hobby Network
  • Access to blogs written by industry experts in our Experts' Corner
  • Access to Industry News
  • Access to our Dealer Directory
  • The ability to keep track of schedules and merchandise in major game used Auctions
  • Access to our Ask The Experts program where our resident experts will answer any questions you have about the game used hobby
  • Access to our Ask About Bat Shipping Records program where you can ask our resident bat experts questions relating the Louisville Slugger factory records
  • Access to our Letters of Authenticity Archives to help you understand the variables considered when items are authenticated
Premium Membership

In addition to the complimentary membership benefits listed above, the premium membership also currently includes:
  • One FREE game used item authentication for Global Authentication (A $75 Value)
  • A copy of Vince Malta's upcoming book "A Complete Reference Guide To Louisville Slugger Professional Player Bats" (A $29.95 Value)
  • Access to our Online Bat Player Charts that show which Louisville Slugger bats were ordered by all of Major League Baseball's Hall-of-Famers
  • Access to our Online Game Used Bat Price Guide to help you assess the potential current values of game used bats in the secondary market
Christopher Cavalier
CEO - Game Used Universe