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    Re: 1994 Bills Throwback Question

    Quote Originally Posted by sixburgh View Post
    ...to be clear I wasn't challenging your knowledge at all. I'm only trying to learn. I'd hate to think my first posts were rubbing a long time member the wrong way.
    Please feel free to challenge my knowledge! and don't feel like you're going to rub me the wrong way. We are all here to share and learn.

    Some of the things I wrote are hearsay and speculation based on observations from other collectors. Many of those things seem to line up perfectly though...
    I've spoken to owners of Chicago Bears regarding these throwbacks and other jersey anomalies and I've gotten some fun stories but no concrete facts. No one ever gave a damn about the equipment...

    I own a Wilber Marshall jersey that still has the 1983 GSH patch on left chest. George Halas dies on October 31st and the family decides that they will honor him with a patch to be worn for the remainder of the season. 1st up were patches for the road games with next game being played on November 6th just a few days away... Brian McCaskey relayed this story since it was vivid in his mind. He and other equipment guys at the time were burning the midnight oil to get the patches heat pressed onto all jerseys for the game... It was so bad that the home jerseys feature a sewn on patch that is different form the road game...

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    Re: 1994 Bills Throwback Question

    Quote Originally Posted by Samets View Post
    Thanks for the pics.

    As I suspected it's a 100% legit jersey. The reason I asked to see the patch is because there's a hidden message on it. Many of the non team issued jerseys are missing the hidden feature.

    If you look at the base of the 7 you will see 3 letters: HAY That's a nod to Ralph Hay who is credited with the creation of NFL.
    I've always wondered what the qualifications of the HAY were... and by that I mean as far as Bills stuff is concerned EVERY period piece ( champion retail, mail order, team shop etc) with the 75 patch has had it. Obviously repos/knockoffs, anything throwback NOT from that period has not had it.
    My assumption has always been anything FROM 94 was a HAY patch and they didnt discriminate regardless of the destination for shirt. Gamer/Retail = same.
    Its very interesting that you've found that not to be the case. Not that it really matters one way or another in the grand scheme - just neat.

    On a different note, thanks for sharing the Bears throwback pic!! I'll bet that was cool for Samets to see as I'd be stoked if a Bills throwback came out of the wood work. Of note (and FULL disclosure obv rules dont apply to different teams and this is just an observation of the 100+ Bills gamers from 91-96 I've owned or seen) I find it interesting that there is anything at all written on the inner tag. Its not like a RULE per se ( as I always say the 1st rule about 80s and 90s Bills gamers are.... there are NO rules lol) but name plate length and other tells aside - there seem to always be a number (on very few occasions a letter as well) in the same hand writing on the jerseys that have been in the Bills possession. This is prob attributed to HOJO's inventory etc but its pretty matter of fact. Fakes stick out like a sore thumb bc you can get to tell how he wrote his 2s and 4s etc as well as the type of pen used.
    I've never seen a retail, team store, mail order from this period with any writing on the opposite side of the inspection sticker or the 100% side.
    No clue how the Bears did things - but now im curious as to what the writing means another mystery in a thread full of mysteries!!!!

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    Jan 2018
    So, for whatever reason I go 10 years finding 1 throwback for the Bills.
    In oct I was able to buy back an old issued white one I had sold, and Nov got lucky with the Kelly.
    Those were both white. I had a blue Fina once I traded for a Jim kelly handwarmer jersey.
    The fact someone was willing to trade a rare star jersey for a scrub throwback jersey kinda shows how hard these things really are to find.
    Anytwho, out of the blue I get a text from a buddy and $200 later I'm the proud owner of this bad boy.
    Sadly, the jersey is trashed. I generally dont buy this condition but figured I'd be kicking myself down the line if I didnt. At least it has some cool alterations.
    So now, the Throwback Bills jersey total is at 3

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    Jan 2018
    I also found this which I found interesting and for less than the price of a tank of gas I figured I'd pick it up.
    No idea what the Chargers did for retail etc, but I just found it odd this didnt have the neck tag but did have a 2nd jock tag flap.
    No NOB, but a cool looking jersey.
    Anyone know what it is?


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    Apr 2009


    It looks to be a version of the 1994 Chargers road Throwback jersey of QB Stan Humphries. Numbers on front are smaller than they should be but still is a good looking non-game jersey.

    Dave Miedema

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    Jan 2018
    Thanks Dave!

    I didnt even take into account the #'s, but after seeing the blue gamer I knew this wasnt worn as Humphries did something odd to his neck on that jersey.
    Although pics of his white one look absolutely huge like he is swimming in it - the cut here isnt a 'tube' as most gamers are so I knew we obviously arent dealing w a gamer here.
    I guess what i just found confusing is (and Russell isnt my 'jam' like Champion - so im not as familiar) there is no neck tag nor was there one like just about every other Russell Ive seen.
    The construct is also top notch and feels much more heavy duty than Russell Replicas I've been around. I was just curious if anyone knew if there were different levels of Chargers retail a la the Bears like SAMETS was kind enough to show us. And were there a slew of these replicas made for a few years or more of a limited release around 94? All players or just select?I doubt anyone knows but I'd be interested in learning as the other teams discussed in this thread has been VERY interesting.
    Thanks for the help and thoughts!!
    Last edited by gobills1212; 01-23-2018 at 10:48 AM.

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    Name:  20191108_183342.jpg
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Size:  84.3 KBName:  20191108_183408.jpg
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    I found this bad boy a couple weeks ago. Very interesting because I'd never come across a Rams one before. I've seen pics of a couple Bettis issued and a Conlan issued but not much else is out there. This has a repair as well and is in pretty decent shape. As more time has gone by, I find it interesting that some 94 throwbacks of random players seem to go for the same price as regular ones from the same year - while others have a premium and can get quite expensive. Odd how that works and I see no rhyme or reason. This was a just a random come up - but I like how there are guys who seem to specifically collect throwbacks. When they decide they are over it, all of a sudden Ebay gets a nice selection. The night this was posted on one of the apps, a different seller had a retail Starter Raiders 94 TB which was interesting because I was not aware LA had retail authentics made. Samets, of note, over the summer I saw a poster on Let Go who had a 94 Butkus throwback that looked to be a Champion but it was in a frame. I guess you never know where they'll pop up!
    Last edited by gobills1212; 11-26-2019 at 10:19 AM.

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    Nov 2005
    Great acquisition! That's a sharp looking jersey - one of my favorite throwback styles from 1994. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Mark Hayne
    Gridiron Exchange

    Always looking for 1974 & '75 World Football League Jerseys



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