Hello All -
Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'll keep it brief. About a month ago I sent Tom Pagnozzi's game used Cardinals helmet to the office of his Fayetteville, Arkansas charity to be autographed. I used delivery confirmation, so I know it arrived on Dec. 27. Unfortunately, since it was delivered during Christmas their office was closed for about a week. The package was left in front of their door, inside the building. Apparently someone picked it up because no one at the charity ever saw it.

The helmet is solid red, uncracked, shows outstanding use including quite a bit of pine tar, scratches, etc. on it and does NOT have Pags' number 19 on the front or back, although you can clearly see the outline of the numbers. There is another unique characteristic that I'll share with anyone who might ever come in contact with it. I realize that this isn't the same thing as looking for a Pujols or A-Rod gamer, but I still enjoyed having it and I hope to have it back again one day. Plus, theft really irritates me. So, if everyone could please keep their eyes open for this, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you again!

Jason Taylor