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    Senior Member rj_lucas's Avatar
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    Apr 2009

    Re: Post Your Stolen Or Lost Items!!!!

    $50K in memorabilia stolen from Wichita, KS sports bar on 7/29, including two signed Ruth balls:


    $50,000 in sports memorabilia stolen from Players

    BY STAN FINGER The Wichita Eagle

    Two baseballs signed by Babe Ruth and other sports memorabilia items were stolen from a west Wichita sports bar shortly before 1 a.m. Wednesday, police said.

    The balls were taken from a display case at Players Sports Bar in the 6200 block of West 21st Street, Capt. Darrell Haynes said.

    Also taken were a Mickey Mantle baseball card, a 1985 Kansas City Royals championship ring, rings from Super Bowls IX and X, and Big 8 championship rings for Nebraska and Oklahoma.

    The combined value of the stolen items is "in excess of $50,000," Haynes said.

    A baseball in good condition with a clear Babe Ruth autograph could be worth $75,000 alone, said Joe Ruocco, owner of the sports memorabilia shop Rock's Dugout at 3232 N. Rock Road.

    The timing of the thefts is likely no coincidence, Ruocco said. The 30th National Sports Collectors Convention began Wednesday in Cleveland and runs through Sunday.

    "If they were to get rid of them, that's the best place to do it," Ruocco said. "There's a lot of high-end buyers there."

    A Mickey Mantle baseball card from his rookie year in 1952 could fetch $30,000 if it's in good condition, Ruocco said.

    The stolen baseballs signed by Babe Ruth have certificates of authenticity that are in the owner's safe, said Mike Santiago, kitchen manager for Players.

    Without those, Santiago said, whoever stole the baseballs will have a hard time selling them.

    "Who's going to want to buy it and pay that much money and implicate themselves?" he asked.

    The robber or robbers smashed laminated glass on the northeast corner of the building, then went to the front entrance on the southwest side of the building and smashed two display cases, Santiago said.

    "They knew exactly what they wanted," Santiago said. "There's a lot of stuff they could have taken, but they went for the most expensive items."
    The thieves also knew their way around the bar, he said.

    "They were in and out of there in no time," Santiago said.

    By the time officers arrived in response to the building alarm, the thieves were gone.

    Local pawnshops have already been alerted, Santiago said, and the owner will be monitoring eBay and other Internet auction and sales sites as well as communicating with prominent collectors.

    The bar has security cameras, Haynes said, "but we don't know if they were working."

    Because the thief or thieves had to crawl through a hole with jagged glass edges to get in, Haynes said, residents are being advised to call police if someone they know has several fresh cuts and no obvious explanation for them.

    Reach Stan Finger at 316-268-6437 or sfinger@wichitaeagle.com

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    Moderator metsbats's Avatar
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    Nov 2005

    Re: Post Your Stolen Or Lost Items!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by metsbats View Post
    Jesse Orosco ERROR BAT

    I won this bat on Ebay on Dec 22. Seller has shipped however it never got from Buzzards Bay Mass. to New York.

    It's a Jesse Orsoco error bat. GROSCO. No 47 on the knob.

    If any one gets offered this bat or see it any where please let me know


    Here's a update on this one. The bat never turned up but I was looking at the Orosco I currently have and just noticed that the "O" in Orosco was penned in over a "G". So it turns out that I had an "GROSCO" bat all along and never knew it.

    Funny how things work out.

    Now if only I can find my missing John Mitchell!

    Always looking for 1973,1986,1988,1999,2000,2006 game used Mets post season and Bobby M. Jones and Ed Hearn NY Mets game used bats.

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    Re: Post Your Stolen Or Lost Items!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by rj_lucas View Post
    The bar has security cameras, Haynes said, "but we don't know if they were working."
    You have to be kidding me.

    In those two cases alone, the bar had $50K worth of memorabilia on display. And the security cameras might not have been working?

    Can't believe that the bar's insurance company would be thrilled about that. Or maybe they would, since that might let them off the hook.

    I really hope the police captain meant he personally didn't know, not that the police department as a whole didn't know.

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    Stolen g/u OSU equipment

    I hope Ryan Rentschler isn't a GUU member!


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    Junior Member
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    Oct 2007

    Pittsburgh Maulers

    I had a Pittsburgh Maulers and Pitt Panthers helmet sent to me and left on my porch by UPS. Someone took them. I don't think the UPS dude took them. I really miss the Maulers helmet - a somewhat rare item. I believe the number on the inside was #50. If you see any Pittsburgh Maulers game used helmets, could you email me at mcostanzo@lausanneschool.com? I'll buy it. Thanks!

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    Senior Member 3arod13's Avatar
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    Apr 2006

    Re: Post Your Stolen Or Lost Items!!!!

    I highly recommending using FEDEX only. Never had any problems, and I make sure I'm home on delivery day (always use overnight).

    If you still decide to use UPS, make sure you're home on delivery day. This way, as the UPS person arrives, there's no way they can hand you an empty box.

    While I was home on delivery day, the UPS driver tried to drop off an empty box, but I was there to confronted him. Called UPS while he stood there. Went down to UPS and there was my bat. Told it must have slipped out.

    Sure...slipped out of a tube, in a box that was heavily taped at each end.

    Sad part is, UPS doesn't care and is doing nothing to prevent stolen mail by their employees.

    Regards, Tony

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    Senior Member
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    Nov 2005

    Re: Post Your Stolen Or Lost Items!!!!

    Sorry for the late reply (6 months later) but my carrier is a older woman who I know. The bat tube was opened ,looked at,deemed not worth it,and put back together before her delivery-somewhere else in USPS. I know,I said the truck is the safest place for them to inspect and steal.I still believe it-just somewhere else along the line in this case.

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    Re: Post Your Stolen Or Lost Items!!!!

    I had a game used Texas Tech football helmet stolen from my office when a construction crew was there doing some renovation work while I was away. They took it from the closet, where I had put it away for the work. I guess he felt like he needed it more than I did.

    It worked out though, as I confronted the owner of the crew and he had a feeling he knew who took it, but couldn't prove it, as he had just fired the guy. Dude went nuts and crashed his car into the owners work van! Yikes!

    Anyway, the owner offered to replace it, so I ended up getting a game used Graham Harrell helmet from the university at an auction! Owner wrote me a check, so all is well now!

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    Senior Member
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    Dec 2009

    Re: Nfl Hall Of Fame Ring Stolen!!

    anyone follow up on this?

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    Senior Member
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    Nov 2005

    Re: Post Your Stolen Or Lost Items!!!!

    This jacket was recently removed from my custody in the Westchester N.Y. area. A $100 reward will be sent to anyone for its safe return.



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