Hey everyone

As part of our quest to learn from every facet of the hobby, I thought it would be a good idea to start to collect photos and information of some game issued or cut jerseys in case they end up popping up as game used later on.

There's nothing wrong with someone buying a game cut or game issued jersey- the problem comes when a patch is added, a number is changed, wear magically shows up, or an authenticator writes a letter saying a jersey used, not knowing it was once purchased as issued.

I'm by no means suggesting that the people who bought the issued jerseys in this thread will be ripping people off- it will just be good to know what's out there as issued.

I would suggest uploading the photos to this thread rather than just putting links to their current location. Ebay takes listings down after a certain point and we would lose the information.

Here's one I thought was interesting



Sold by sdb23
Bought by nytryder8 for $414