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    Senior Member indyred's Avatar
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    May 2006

    Re: "Game Used" Card Swatches

    Video from topps cutting room. Some nice stuff getting ready to be ruined.

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    Senior Member WadeInBmore's Avatar
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    Sep 2007

    Talking Re: "Game Used" Card Swatches

    I don't like the game used cards. I think its a shame how many items are ruined for stupid little swatches!!! I like to believe that a card company will use a jersey numerous years and use them in multiple subsets so that only one jersey will be ruined over the course of a couple years as oppose to one or more jerseys cut up and ruined a year.

    And they do make mistakes...below is a Frank Thomas autographed insert, only problem is that it is the wrong Frank Thomas' signature

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    Re: "Game Used" Card Swatches

    Quote Originally Posted by jwasserman View Post
    that card actually says 'all star workout jersey' on the front so its not really game used.

    whats incredible to me is how some of these game used cards actually sell for more than what full gu bats and jerseys sell for. i dont get the appeal at all
    I know what you're saying about the cards. I made enough enough money selling my g/u card collection to buy whole game-used stuff.

    People will tell you (or at least they've told me) that cards are far easier to store and display. And to be honest, I love the photography, and full game-used items don't have pictures on them.

    But hey, to each his/her own.



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