View Full Version : IMPORTANT - Additional Forum Rules Added Today

01-10-2006, 01:50 PM
Hello Everyone-

In our continued effort to find an optimal Forum protocol and make the Forum more beneficial to the collecting community, we have added the following rules today which all participants are expected to follow. The additional rules are:

All posters must register with a legitimate first name, last name and valid email address. This will allow for accountability and enable posters to be contacted directly when clarifications are needed. Posts made by members who do not provide a legitimate first name, last name and valid email address may be removed at the discretion of the Administrator.
In instances where a forum member is identifying an item in the hobby they believe to have issues, it is expected that the poster clearly state their findings in the form of an opinion and provide adequate rationale for why they believe there is an issue. When possible, it is expected that the poster questioning an item will attempt to contact the seller of the item and allow at least 24 hours for the seller to reply before posting. This will prevent postings that may be generated based on misunderstandings of an item.
It is expected that all posts are to be created with a sincere attempt to benefit the hobby. Any posts which the Administrator deems as a personal attack or an attempt to unnecessarily discredit others will be subject to the administrative rules of the forum.

There is also a complete set of forum rules to which forum participants are responsible to abide in to post on the forum. It is probably a good idea for everyone to review these rules again so everyone understands their responsibilities. Here is a link to the complete list forum rules:

http://www.gameuseduniverse.com/vb_forum/showthread.php?t=99 (http://www.gameuseduniverse.com/vb_forum/showthread.php?t=99)

Lastly, there was a question raised earlier this week about the 1st Amendment. So everyone understands, we are certainly free to do whatever we want. However, there are times when we sacrifice some of these freedoms in order to be part of a community. For example, you are free to drive your car and you are free to drink alcohol. However, if you want to be part of a community you accept the rules established by the community that you cannot drink and drive. To do so would potentially harm others. That is why laws are created and that is why you will find your driving privilege revoked if you drink and drive. It is something you agree to in order to be part of a community.

Again, rules are established to protect the community. That is exactly why there are rules for this forum community. As a participant you are expected to abide by these rules and understand your responsibilities as a member of this community.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions. The new rules, as well as all the others previously outlined, are in effect immediately.

Christopher Cavalier
CEO - Game Used Universe