View Full Version : Don Mattingly Game Used Cap Questions

01-01-2006, 08:36 PM
Hello All,

Although I greatly enjoy owning game used memorabilia - I am far from an expert and I'm hoping this board can help me with a few questions I have. I own 2 game used Mattingly baseball caps and I was going to have them authenticated at the next Ft. Washington show. Today, I dug them out of storage just to have them with me for when I pack for the show. However, upon inspecting them, a few red flags were raised on one of the hats and I just would like to get some board opinions before I spend the money to authenticate them!

One of the hats is a New Era cap and shows heavy game use; #23 and a Mattingly signature appears under the brim. The second hat was purchased from a Centerfield Collectibles auction in the late 1990's. It was advertised as a 1993 game hat. However, when I was looking at the hat, I noticed that although this hat is also a new era hat, it has a tag for "authentic diamond collection" on it. The hat does have decent game use and also has a Mattingly signature and #23 written by Mattingly under the brim. However, I am surprised at the "diamond collection" tag. Long story short, if this hat is clearly a fake game used hat, I dont want to submit it for authentication. All I really want to know is whether that tag makes the hat clearly a fake and is therefore not worth our money to submit it to GAI. I have some digital photos of both the hats that I will gladly send to anyone if you email me at jon_canfield@hotmail.com. I just couldn't get them to upload here! Thanks in advance for your help.