View Full Version : Two more 91-92 bird jerseys...

12-31-2005, 05:41 PM
On ebay right now. You've probably seen my previous threads on Bird's last season 1991-92 jerseys. They are a dime a dozen. Every auction house has one in every new auction that comes out. Ebay will have one on every month (right now there are two). He played about 40 games his last season. That means about 20 away/20 home jerseys for the season. I highly doubt that he used a new jersey every game. The excuse that some spew out is: "I was told by some celtics equipment manager that he used 2 jerseys a game because he would sweat so much." Whatever. Well, even if he did (and there's no proof that he did) that doesn't mean there were more jerseys made because of this. They would just wash up 2 jerseys instead of 1 each night. As stated before, I bought one about 2 years ago, and was very happy with it, until I saw them showing up in every new auction catalog and on ebay every month. Then I was told that right about 1991-92 Champion made tons of pro-cut jerseys of the big name players in the league that are identical to what they wore in the actual games. Obviously, they made a ton of Birds, because you can't turn your head without one showing up. One on ebay says issued. See if there is any difference then the one being sold as game used? There isn't. I'm not saying the one on ebay isn't real. I'm just saying you are taking a big chance when buying a Bird from 1991-92. I would save my money for an earlier Bird jersey. You hardly see any game used Bird jerseys out on the market except for 91-92. Do the math and buy smart. Just my 2 cents again.