View Full Version : eBay item 323593085643: NBACC, NOT GU/GI

12-20-2018, 12:50 AM
I could not meet the 24-hour response time for asking the seller about a questionable item, as less than that remains on the auction.

This jersey is a 1992-93 Knicks road jersey of Patrick Ewing. It's pro quality, but is not a team-issued item.

In 1992-93, a number of major NBA stars had retail jerseys issued by Champion as part of the NBA Commemorative. In that group, nearly all of the players issued had differences on their jerseys from actual gamers. In this case, the telltale clue is the extra length on the item. That season, Ewing gamers have a tag indicating 6 inches of extra length. However, the NBACC version show only 4 inches of extra length.

To be fair, the seller may be unaware of this, so I'm not coming down on him. Still, a warning is needed to be sure none of the GUU community bids on this one.

Dave Miedema