View Full Version : Unidentified NBA Auto

11-25-2014, 11:19 PM
Picked up this NBA leather game ball a short while back, and have been trying to (blindly) trace the auto. I'm in Portland, OR, so it may be a Blazers player, but could just as easily be from another team. I know nothing about this ball's back story.

Figured with the letters being somewhat distinct, it would be an easy match, but hours of searching have proven otherwise.

Anyone have an idea? Thanks for looking either way!


11-28-2014, 12:01 AM
Bill Lambier

12-04-2014, 07:58 PM
Detlef Schrempf actually...

12-07-2014, 01:55 AM
Detlef Schrempf actually...

Ah, I do believe that's it! Thanks; I couldn't for the life of me come up with that...