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10-04-2013, 12:37 AM
Hello forum members. I am a longtime member and have posted in the past. I was appointed as a coach for the Polish National Team and also the Poilish Jr. National team. The existing Federation was deemed insufficient for national competition. A guy from Toronto that I coach with was recruited to help with a tourney this past July in Zurich, Switzerland and after the tourney, which the team went 2-3, was asked to evaluate the skill level, which he stated wasn't very good. They proceeded to hand the managing duties over to him, who then contacted me to join the staff. Right now, my job is to recruit Polish players within the U.S. with birthdays ranging from 1996-1999 for a European Junoir tourney next July which, I think will be in Prague, Czechoslovkia. They must qualify for a dual citizenship passport. This is an excellent opportunity to represent their National heritage as do the American Italians, American Germans, American English, etc. The Federation says we can bring 10-12 players to add to the already existing team. The goal is to train/add to the Polish National team to qualify and win a European "A" pool to participate in the WBC. I'm here to network and contact anyone who has baseball skills to evaluate for the National team. I can be contacted by email at: waelchli29808@yahoo.com my name is Tom. I would like to hear from all interested and I can explain further details. We are trying to contact all Polish players in the Majors to give them an opportunity to lend a hand in every way, monetarily, equipment, and playing ability. right now, we're looking for high school, college and minor league players