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05-16-2013, 09:21 PM
In the current GF auction there is listed a 1999 Steve Young home game worn jersey with equipment managers letter. As most of you know it was presented to them as game used and appears as such. It has custom sleeves and is properly tagged.

Young played in 3 regular season games and 4 preseason games in 1999 before being injured in a game against the Arizona Cardinals. The concussion he sustained in that game effectively ended his playing career.

In one of the two preseason games in which he wore a red jersey, the jersey had standard issued sleeves whereas in the other game the custom sleeves do not match up.

In the two regular season games (vs the Jaguars and the Saints) Young had custom sleeves but I cannot match the stitch pattern from either game to the GF shirt. The GF shirt also has a custom hem that runs along the vertical axis of the sleeve and somewhat close to the center team logo part of the sleeve. From my analysis of multiple game photos I cannot find Young in a jersey with a similar custom hem.

When Young's sleeves are hemmed short and thus customized there is a stitch that usually runs along the bottom portion of where the sleeve was turned up and then sewn. This stitch line is plainly visible on game photos of Young during the 1999 season. I have looked at both the stitching on the Grey Flannel shirt and the stitching on game images and have not found a match.

I have not watched each and every game that Young played in while wearing a red jersey so there is the possibility that Young may have worn more than one jersey per game. If indeed so then the images of Young online (getty, eBay, AP images) do not capture the entire story. The GF jersey looks like a quality shirt but since the JO fiasco with the doctoring of gamers, just because a shirt has custom sleeves does not make it game worn.

It would be interesting to see the equipment managers letter and I plan on asking GF for an images of it. If anyone else has an opinion on the Steve Young shirt from the GF auction please let me know.

Always buying 49er game worn items especially Steve Young gamers and vintage 49er game worn jerseys.

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05-27-2013, 08:48 PM
Grey Flannel has removed the Steve Young shirt from it current auction. The Rice helmet and jersey remain and the Rice helmet has been photo matched. I am glad that GF has removed the Young shirt as he only played in 4 games (pre and regular season) in which he wore a red jersey, which should have made a definitive match easy.

The shirt was most probably a game issued jersey as I am sure that a number of Young shirts were prepared for the season and then not used. If it had been sold as a GI jersey I would have bid appropriately.

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05-28-2013, 11:05 AM
Nice work. Let us know when you get a thank you from Grey Flannel, and/or let us know when Grey Flannel bans you.