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12-13-2005, 08:08 AM
Hi everyone! Thanks for the many email’s asking if I am retiring, they are all appreciated!

Nope - not yet. After thirty plus years of collecting and dealing doesn’t make me feel like a dinosaur but rather a “coal powered Zamboni”.

Lots has changed since the late 60’s and it has left me with tons of longtime friends and tons of memories!!

However I am auctioning my personal collection at Lelands. The auction ends this Thursday and Friday. Most of the items are below market value, as I was told but time will tell.

Hopefully my friends over the years will adopt my family on jerseys.

They would make a great addition to a collection or even as an investment.

They are at LELANDS Auctions:

Steve Yzerman, Detroit Red Wings jersey, lot #1359
Denis Savard, Chicago Blackhawks jersey, lot #1338
Mike Modano, Minnesota North Stars Rookie jersey, lot #1341
Dirk Graham, Chicago Blackhawks jersey, lot #1357
Dino Ciccarelli, Minnesota North Stars jersey, lot #1370
Wayne Gretzky autographed Indianapolis Racers Media
Guide and Training Camp Guide, lot #1481
Henry Aaron, Atlanta Braves jacket, lot #666 (ENDS THURSDAY)
Tony Mandarich, Green Bay Packers jersey, lot #1221
Julius Erving, Philadelphia 76ers jersey, lot #1243
Julius Erving, Philadelphia 76ers warm-up suit, lot #1249
Isiah Thomas, Detroit Pistons jersey, lot #1267
Alex English, Denver Nuggets jersey, lot #1246
Reggies Theis, Kansas City Kings (NBA) uniform, lot #1256
Hakeen Olajhuwon, Houston Rockets warm-up suit, lot #1258
Walter Davis, Phoenix Suns uniform, lot #1260
Chris Mullen, Golden State Warriors jersey, lot #1262

Thanks everyone and have a great Holiday Season!

Murf Denny http://www.murfandpat.com

12-13-2005, 09:49 AM
Forum readers-
I have personally had the joy of knowing Murf for over 20 years, and can honestly say he is one of the finest individuals associated with collecting, buying and selling game worn jerseys.

One of the first jerseys I ever purchased was from Murf back in 1982, a Waterburry Reds road gamer. It was $35.00!

Murf, I will always remember the many phone conversations ranging from me telling you about my high school graduation to recent times about my two daughters greeting me at the door with my rookie Cal Ripken bat in hand. Likewise, thanks for allowing me to take a break at your booth from walking around a show with you and Pat.

For those of you have not had a chance to deal with Murf, I encourage you to take a minute and visit his web site or even better, give him a call-he is one of the best.

Howard Wolf