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01-31-2013, 10:39 AM
Hi everyone! Another new member to the forums, from Scotland over in the United Kingdom. Been reading the forums daily for around 8 months now and have recently been made a member! It's great to know there are loads more people like me, lol!

I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and have been collecting game used gear for a few years now. I have a game used helmet and 6 games used jerseys including 2 uniforms from the 2009 playoffs. Have 2 practice jerseys too. Turns out a few of my contacts over in the States are GUU forum members! Small world!

I will get some photos of my collection on the forum once I have finished photomatching them. I thought phototmatching was just a picture of the player wearing your jersey in a game you know it was used in. Since discovering GUU I became enlightened to a whole new world of staining, damage, team repairs, loose threads, mesh and stitching patterns etc! I have now lost hours of my life, but I love it! The pride of ownership went throught the roof when I properly photomatched my first gamer! Happy days!

One of the jerseys (which I got at a great price from Brad at Shafrancollectibles towards the end of last year) is a 2010 Dallas Cowboys Danny McCray game used jersey. It had been team-laundered prior to me purchasing it so there is little staining evident, but the jersey has around 15+ team repairs, significant wear and was perhaps was used all season, so I thought a photomatch would be easy. Danny McCray was just a rookie special teamer in 2010 so was very seldom photographed or filmed close-up. I have trawled Google Images and Getty and spent hours watching 2010 Cowboys games on NFL Game-Pass praying for a clear screenshot of McCray with little success. I have a grainy 600x400 photo from Google which is ok, but with such damage to the jersey I would like a crystal clear photo.

So yesterday I somehow stumbled across www.apimages.com and there are 2 or 3 perfect photos on there but obviously the previews are small and heavily watermarked. Does anyone have a contact that could help me with AP Images? Any help would be much appreciated!

01-31-2013, 11:10 AM
welcome to the forum! I wish i could help you with your question, but i have an other subject to talk about.

as a fellow collector from europe...i recently bought a jersey and there was a 'surprise' item with it in the package. Its a game-issued dallas cowboys game pants. I think its brand new and i couldnt find out who used it or its issued to.

If you are interested.. shoot me an email :)

01-31-2013, 01:21 PM
Thanks for offering me the Cowboys game issued pants, but I'm ok for them. The 2 lots of pants I already have are game used with matching jerseys, both from the 2009 Playoffs and with Steiner letters. Have another Cowboys game used uniform on the way from another forum member too, so really ok for game pants. Thanks though.

01-31-2013, 02:09 PM
scottishcowboy41 - Shoot me message Fdeann@gmail.com
I may be able to help you out.