View Full Version : Wanted baseball cases and batting glove display + batting helmet display

08-24-2012, 11:30 AM
Looking for the following items (yes I know about ebay)

1) A couple steiner single ball UV cases with the wood base

2) 3-4 batting glove display stands , might also want a single batting glove display. I have one of those case that are clear with a mirror and a black base. Those run like $30 shipped, any other options would be welcomed

3) batting helmet display stand - at $12.99 that is a huge ripoff. i have around a dozen of them now and all of them get wobbly or off kilter after a few months. Any other options out there? To hold there shape, I have had to melt them back into place. Poory made item and from the estimates - I would safely say there is less than $1.00 worth of plastic on the entire piece.

Would buy or will trade nameplates for these displays.

email jahimiak33@yahoo.com