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Jags Fan Dan
08-17-2012, 12:51 PM
Looking to see what anyone might want to sell in the form of Reds Civil Rights jerseys, throwbacks, etc. Email is danno_45255 at yahoo.

08-17-2012, 11:45 PM
Email Sent

Jags Fan Dan
08-18-2012, 08:55 AM
Thanks, Adam

Jags Fan Dan
11-17-2012, 07:39 AM
Still looking...

Jags Fan Dan
11-08-2014, 07:45 PM
Still looking

12-18-2014, 07:04 AM
I have a 2009 Reds Civil Rights Game jersey for #72 Mike Stefanski. MLB Authenticated LH1911350.


12-18-2014, 07:08 AM
email sent

Jags Fan Dan
12-18-2014, 08:26 AM
To update what I have and no longer need:

I have both civil rights game jerseys.
I have all three styles (home, away, red alternate) of their current style, as well as B/ST jersey. I also have a Los Rojos jersey.

Now I am especially interested in throw back / TBTC jerseys, but also I do not have a Jackie Robinson Day jersey. There may be others that I am not thinking of that I don't have. Don't hesitate to email me with what you have, I will respond either way.

Jags Fan Dan
05-04-2017, 07:28 AM
Update to what I have:
White throw back 90's style
Gray throw back 90's style
Both civil rights game jerseys
Los Rojos jersey

What I still need:
Stars and Stripes
Fathers Day blue
Jackie Robinson day
Turn Back the Clocks and throwbacks (too many to list)

Please let me know what you have!

Jags Fan Dan
06-04-2017, 05:30 PM
Bump: Would love to add turn back the clock styles I don't have or alternates (Fathers Day, Stars and Stripes, etc) . Not real picky about the player.