View Full Version : WTB Terrell Owens EAGLES, BILLS GU Jersey Top all Offers!!!

10-08-2011, 10:38 PM
I am trying to round out my TO collection and would love to add an Eagles or Bills TO Gamer.

I was recently contacted by someone offering me a 2004 Eagles TO gamer with Meigray paperwork. i would have gladly purchased the jersey but the deal became much too difficult to finish. The sellers story changed multiple times and I did not feel comfortable sending this forum member a fair amount of $$$ when there was no reason to believe he actually owned the jersey.

If anyone wishes to part with an Eagles or Bills TO gamer I am more than willing to TOP ALL OTHER OFFERS and pay immediately, as long as the item is in hand and the sellers story does not change like the seasons.

I am also more than willing to pay a finders fee if the person actually puts me in contact with the seller and the deal goes thru.

It is disturbing when someone offers you a jersey, states they are losing money on the sale and then tells you that they are actually only making 150$ on the sale. Not a good way to do business.

I have purchased thousands of $$$$ in GU jerseys and have had no issues. I pay promptly and have bought and sold many times thru GUU.

Always buying 49ers gamers and any 1994 49er gamer! Paying a finders fee for the right shirt.



10-10-2011, 11:41 PM
I recommend Paul to anybody in terms of how to do business but also as paying reward fees...
I helped him getting a 04 Eagles Terrell Owens game used jersey and he already gave me a finders fee,great person,good comunication and very understanding as well as somebody that fallow his word.

Let him know if you have any 49ers jerseys or any other jerseys he might want as he will do a good deal with you:) .
Thank you