View Full Version : Wanted: Game Used Broncos pre 1983

08-04-2011, 07:49 PM
Greetings all.

I am interested in acquiring some additional game used Broncos jerseys. I am MOST interested in pre 78 jerseys but might be interested in later ones. Please let me know what you have available and how much you require for them.

I would LIKE to trade them for some of my MLB gamers, including several TBTC sets. I don't want to post them here, as I am not clear about the board rules on trading. (They require a PRICE for items, and obviously that isn't applicable in trading transactions) If it's OK to post a list of available trade bait, let me know.

Feel free to post here or send me an email to matnip at knoxvilleicebears dot com.

If this is in ANY way out of line for the board, or if there is a better way to do this via the GUF board, feel free to add guidance. Thanks a lot.

Mark Atnip
ESPN Radio
Knoxville Icebears Professional Hockey