View Full Version : Ron Gant and Julio Franco game used bats FS

04-19-2011, 11:26 AM
Ron Gant game used autographed Louisville Slugger R161. Bat was used during Gant's time with the Cardinals.It is cracked and repaired in the handle and shows great use, lots of ball marks and Ron's 5 on the knob. The bat is signed in black marker. Asking $60 delivered

Julio Franco game used Louisville Slugger C243. Bat was used during 1996 while with the Cleveland Indians. The bat shows good use with ball marks and tar on the handle. The knob and the end have the number 20 in black marker and then 23 written over it in sliver. Julio wore 20 in the spring and then changed to 23. I have attached a photo of a card showing him wearing 20. The bat appears to be uncracked, it is one of the largest bats I have owned.
Asking $75 delivered.

Please email with any questions at kulynychfamily@comcast.net