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04-03-2011, 03:40 PM
Well my work schedule is changing and I wont be able to make a large number of games from my season ticket package so I need to unload them. I have the ability to exchange tickets for other games and different seats in the same price level so just pick a game and give me 3 or 4 sections between section 20 and 54 you want to sit and I will make it happen for you. Your looking at rows 18 to 24 in those sections as the rows in front of those are owned by season ticket holders. So be very detailed in what you want with at least 3 sections picked and know that most tickets will fall in one of those rows.

Sorry no opening day I've already hooked my friends up with all the tickets I can for that game.

Price for non Yankees or Red Sox games is $100 for 2 tickets. $4.00 charge for paypal fees if you dont send as a gift. and $5.00 for flate rate priority mail.. (O's would cost you $130 with all fees)

Yankees and Red Sox are $160 for 2 and $5.00 to mail them. (Os would cost you over $200 if you went to ticketmaster).

The tickets unless you pick a game I still have my original seats for will be printed on non season ticket holder paper but will say "season ticket" on them so you should have early access to the stadium for Orioles BP.

So pick a game, pick 3 sections you wouldnt mind sitting in the field box section, pay me and I'll get you hooked up. Also you can buy more than 2 tickets per game just add $50 per ticket (non prime) plus the $2.00 paypal fee per ticket you want.

Email me at brian.berger@cablespeed.com to place all orders...

Thanks guys,