View Full Version : Lucky Day ! Great deal on a McGriff and DiFelice bats!

08-14-2006, 12:00 PM
What a great day :D! Not only did I win 5 devil ray bats at auction Saturday night . But the seller was close enough to pick them up so I saved $26 on shipping . I asked the seller if he had any other bats that he did not list yet , he said he had a couple that he would bring w/ him . Not knowing what the other bats were before meeting him . Upon arriving at his work , I paid for the 5 bats I won at auction . Then he says he brought w/him a McGriff thats cracked and an uncracked DiFelice from 98 . I started to get excited upon hearing about the McGriff and then seeing the bat is from 1999 ( now I only need a 2001 and I'll have a mcgriff gamer from every year w/ the drays) . He said to make an offer , I offered $100 for the pair . He said to just give $70 for the pair ! A McGriff for $50 :cool:, what a great day ! I don't think the seller had much into them , if anything . He sid he got them from someone who used to work at The Trop ! (tropicana field)