View Full Version : Dave Parker game used bat. Chili Davis coa..

08-03-2010, 08:12 PM
I got this game used Dave Parker Cooper bat with his game used Reds jersey in Hunts last auction. Don't really care about the bat too much. It's a Cooper Pro 100. C243. 36 inches long (stamped) and 34.5 ounces (stamped) on knob. Signed Dave Parker The Cobra in silver sharpie on barrel very nicely. The coa says heavy use, but it looks more like it's issued to lite use to me. I'll send a copy of the hunt and chili davis coa on bat. I got to keep the original coas for my jersey I'm keeping. I'm guessing this bat is from his Reds days since the jersey I got was too. 100.00+10.00 shipping. Email if interested. Thanks.