View Full Version : Did this seller even TRY to research this?

07-13-2010, 06:12 PM
On eBay for another day or so is what's touted as a 1995 Astros game-used alternate jersey of "Spinello", #26. What is wrong with that description?

a) There has never been a Spinello on a major league roster.

b) The number (26) was worn by team star Luis Gonzalez until mid-1995, when he was traded to the Cubs.

The only "Spinello" to even play in the pros was a Joseph Spinello, who DID play in 1995...but for South Bend and Prince William, the White Sox A and High-A teams, respectively, that year. He was on an independent minor league team in '96, and that was it for his pro career...none of which was anywhere near Houston.

In reality, this item is more likely an unworn replacement player jersey from 1995, the bulk of which did make it into the hobby via a dealer bulk purchase.

As always, do your homework...the seller sure as blazes didn't do his.

Dave Miedema

07-14-2010, 06:53 PM
The replacement players jerseys were purchaced by a dealer in houston and sold over the next few months at shows. They did not come with team letters and had zero use as the astros wore only BP's in spring training. The white and greys went for 55 and the blues were 65. There was one of each color for each player they thought they were going to open the season with hope this helps.