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07-07-2006, 03:20 PM
Hello Forum Readers:

I need a little help with this one. I have posted a link below for a current auction of a Cal Ripken 2131 game used baseball signed by Cal and all four game umpires from the game on Sept 6, 1995. I am sure we are all aware of the bogus baseballs that were doctored by Al Clark and sold as game used when they in fact never were. Heritage auctions that is running this auction even lists in the description questions surrounding the actual game use of this ball. There is an LOA provided for the Ripken signature by PSA/DNA. My question is this. I was always under the impression perhaps incorrectly, that the doctored balls were only ever either signed by Al Clark or came with and LOA from Al Clark. It was my understanding that any of the balls that were actual authentic game used balls were signed by all four umpires from this game. If anyone can clairfy this for me I would appreciate it.

What is further complicating this particular ball is that it is signed by all four game umpires and Cal but also comes with the LOA from Al Clark. Again, I was under the impression that any balls that came with the Clark LOA were completely bogus. If anyone can clear up this issue that would be a great help.

Brett Herman


07-08-2006, 03:19 PM
I can't really answer your question but can only add possibly to your information. I have a 2131 game ball which was purchased way before any of this bogus info came out. I got it in what was that time a major auction in April, of 1999. The ball is in fact signed on the sweet spot by Ripken and all 4 umpires. However, I have a letter from the American League stating it is the "real deal" and it is signed by umpire Dan Morrison. I also have a lifetime guarantee for the ball and it can be returned at any time if there is ever any question as to its authenticity for a full refund. I have never investigated it any further and the ball is encased and displayed on the wall in my rec room.
Since the bogus balls surfaced--I know that the price for these has gone way down. I purchased mine at the time for $1800.00 or so. I might sell it down the road--but was looking to wait until he goes into the HOF figuring the price might increase back upwards. I since have gotten 2 other things signed by him--one for free at the park! Hope some of this helps.

07-08-2006, 03:32 PM
Thanks for the insight. The bogus balls actually came with a letter signed by Al Clark on official American League letterhead similar to the Morrison type but I think your ball is okay since Morrison is the one providing the LOA and not Clark. Like I said, I was always under the impression that anything that had all four umpires signatures was legit. Of course that is in fact assuming that the Umps signatures are not forged. You are right, these ball prices have really dropped but at the same time, the last three auctions had the balls sell for over 1000 total with I think a high of $1200.00 in one of the auctions. What really concerns me is that there were a ton of these bogus balls originally sold so now that a bunch of these are turning up again it makes me wonder. Could just be a conincidence maybe not. At least Heritage auction is listing this item as being possibly suspect I must give them kudos for that.

Thanks for the insight.