View Full Version : 2004 Scott Rolen World Series hat on ebay

11-26-2005, 11:49 AM
I have some concerns on this hat which I thought I'd share. I'm a Phillies collector and have owned a half dozen or so Rolen hats over the past few years. all from great sources among them the Phillies Charities, Howard Wolf. Kim Stigall, and Joe Hetrick. I still own three of them. The world series hat is listed as 7 5/8 a big hat for a big man as the description says. The majority of my hats were and are 7 1/4 with the largest being 7 3/8. Rolen's head may or may not have gotten bigger since going to St. Louis, but physically I doubt it. That is a big jump in size. I would be leary of this hat.