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01-02-2010, 07:34 PM
I've decided I can't continue to buy jerseys the way I have been. I'm going to be much more selective about what I buy. I'll be buying fewer items, but they'll be higher quality (and more expensive). I'll be selling off a good portion of my collection to raise funds for new items.

Here's what I've got for now. You can see pics on my website, but e-mail me for more pics or more detailed descriptions. bcouture@cfl.rr.com


Jacquez Green 1998 Bucs, white size 40, rookie season, 10/25/98 DK written on tag, referring to the date the jersey was used and the Bucs equipment manager. $150

Todd Johnson 2007 Rams, blue size 46, tagged 05, number change, Prova tag # XABB25D701, number does not work in Prova database. $175

Marquand Manuel 2002 Bengals, white size 46, rookie season, scuff marks on shoulders. $175

Jason Odom 1999 Bucs, red size 48, grass stains on front and back numbers. $150

Adrian White early 90's NY Giants, white Apex size L, MeiGray paperwork says team issued. $125


Josh Fogg 2006 or 2007 Rockies, white pinstriped size 48. $175

Ryan Raburn 2007 Tigers, MLB Hologram BB667280, dated to 9/26/07. Front of jersey is stained. Getty has a picture of him making a diving catch in this jersey on that day. $175

David Ross 2005 Pirates, white vest size 48, tagged Set 1. $150

Ryan Shealy 2005 Rockies, gray pinstriped, MLB holgram MT 00409890. $150

Herbert Perry 2003 Rangers, white size 48, with MeiGray tags and paperwork. $150

Mark Kiger 2006 Oakland A's, gray size 46. Kiger was the first player in over 100 years to make his MLB debut in the post season. It's very possible this is the jersey he wore. $150

Steve Lombardozzi 1980's Twins BP jersey, autographed, some fading. $125


Donnell Harvey Utah Jazz, white size 48 +6, tagged 04-05 but used in 05-06 pre-season, still has tag from Utah Jazz store. $125

Chris Richard 07-08 Timberwolves black alternate jersey, rookie season. $150

Anthony Roberson 04-05 Grizzlies blue size 46, with MeiGray paperwork. $175

Corey Brewer autographed game shoes from early rookie season, easy style match on Getty. $160

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