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04-14-2006, 12:16 PM
Forum readers-
Here is an interesting item currently available on the Grey Flannel web site:

[/URL] (http://www.greyflannel.com/sales_main.php?c=Baseball) (http://www.greyflannel.com/sales_main.php?c=Football-Hockey) http://www.greyflannel.com/stock/needhelp.gif

http://www.greyflannel.com/itemGUI_detail/spacer.gifhttp://www.greyflannel.com/itemGUI_detail/spacer.gifhttp://www.greyflannel.com/itemGUI_detail/spacer.gifhttp://www.greyflannel.com/itemGUI_detail/spacer.gifhttp://www.greyflannel.com/itemGUI_detail/spacer.gifhttp://www.greyflannel.com/itemGUI_detail/spacer.gifhttp://www.greyflannel.com/itemGUI_detail/spacer.gifhttp://www.greyflannel.com/itemGUI_detail/spacer.gifhttp://www.greyflannel.com/itemGUI_detail/spacer.gifhttp://www.greyflannel.com/itemGUI_detail/spacer.gifhttp://www.greyflannel.com/itemGUI_detail/spacer.gif(1556) 1986 Bo Jackson Kansas City Royals Game-Used Rookie Road Jersey http://www.greyflannel.com/itemGUI_detail/spacer.gif
Wilson manufactured size 44 is from Bos rookie year in 1986.

http://www.greyflannel.com/itemGUI_detail/spacer.gifhttp://www.greyflannel.com/itemGUI_detail/detail_r3_c1.jpghttp://www.greyflannel.com/itemGUI_detail/spacer.gifhttp://www.greyflannel.com/itemGUI_detail/detail_r4_c1.jpgPRICE 400.00 Availablehttp://www.greyflannel.com/itemGUI_detail/spacer.gifhttp://www.greyflannel.com/images/1128jackson1.jpg (http://www.greyflannel.com/sales_main.php?c=Americana)[URL="http://javascript<b></b>:history.go(-1)"]

I can't say as though I have ever seen another 1986 Royals jersey with block lettering for the name. All of the Wilson brand jerseys I have purchased, sold and seen in the hobby have vertical arch, custom cut lettering. I have seen this type of block lettering on Wilson era jerseys, however, only when the shirts have been used in the minor leagues and then restored with the incorrect "block" lettering. The information on this jersey on the Grey Flannel site makes no mention of it being restored, thus, one must conclude it is original.

I searched old 1986 Royals yearbooks and Getty Images for the year 1986, and likewise, could not find a single photo of any player wearing a jersey with block lettering on back. All had vertical arch letering.

I am by no means indicating that this shirt is not as advertised, only pointing out that I have never seen a team issued, all original Wilson 1986 Royals jersey with block lettering.

Curious to get the Forums thoughts.

Howard Wolf

04-15-2006, 12:33 PM
OK, I'll bite...

Howard, did you email the staff of Grey Flannel to ask if the jersey is restored?

"The information on this jersey on the Grey Flannel site makes no mention of it being restored, thus, one must conclude it is original."

04-15-2006, 12:46 PM
I emailed them twice over the last week, without a response.

Several collectors have emailed me since my posting, and all are in agreement that the Wilson 1986 jerseys have vertical arch lettering, not block as found on this jersey. It is/was common practice for the Royals to send their gamers down to spring training and the rookie league, remove the original name on back, and adding a new name. As a result, many of these jerseys have resurfaced with restored names that are incorrectly done with block letters.

If I hear from Richie at Grey Flannel, I'll post his reply.

Howard Wolf