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04-09-2006, 03:49 PM
Did Harmon order any model D2 bats in 1961 to 1964. That are 34in and 31

04-09-2006, 04:28 PM

A review of Harmon Killebrew's H & B factory records between 1954 and 1976 shows that out of approximately 175 separate orders of Louisville Slugger bats, totaling approximately 1275 bats, Killer only made one order of bats that were 34 inches in length. That order was shipped on 12/16/69 and consisted of 3 Model S207 bats. He also received 3 Model S207 bats that were 35 inches in length in that order. Given the shipping date in mid-December, those bats were possibly for early January workouts, Christmas presents, or whatever. It is not likely that Killebrew ever used a 34 inch bat in a Major League game. Over 99.5% of his orders of all model bats were 35 inches in length.

During the 1961-1964 labeling period specifically, Killebrew only ordered models D2 and S207 bats, and ALL were 35 inches in length and generally weighed 32 or 33 ounces.

For additional specific information on Killebrew's H & B records, check out Game Used Universe's Player Bat Chart for Harmon Killebrew under the Game Used Library area of this website.

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