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04-06-2006, 08:25 AM
Can you please tell me the history with Mark McGwire and Louisville? I have seen a few "rookie era" model R161 and S318 for sale, however, see him using green ring Adirondack's during the early years. I'm curious if these Louisville's were possibly ordered by him in 1985 or 1986 for use in the minors, Modesto, Huntsville or Tacoma.

Any help on providing insight and his bat ordering records for 1985/6/7 is appreciated.

Howard Wolf

04-06-2006, 11:18 AM
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04-06-2006, 12:15 PM
Hi Howard --

Here are the early Mark McGwire H & B personal records--

His earliest H & B shipments following his signing with the Oakland A's (following the draft on 6/4/84) were sent to him via the Oakland A's on 8/6/84 (Model M235 - 35 inches / 32 ounces / unfinished / 3 bats) and on 9/10/84 (Modek C271C / 34.5 inches / 33 ounces / unfinished / 6 bats.) Athouugh some people believe these bats were used in the 1984 Olympics, that is not the case as the 1984 Olympic baseball exhibitions were played from July 31 through August 7, 1984.

Subsequently, in 1985, four shipments of H & B bats were sent to McGwire via the Modesto A's, as follows:
4/10/85 - C271C / 34.5 inches / 33 ounces / unfinished / 6 bats
5/10/85 - C271 / 34.5 / 32 / unfinished / 3 bats
5/10/85 - M110 / 34.5 / 32 / unfinished / 3 bats
7/19/85 - M110 / 34.5 / 32 / unfinished / 6 bats

In 1986, one order of H & B bats was sent to McGwire via the Tacoma Baseball Club as follows:
6/24/86 - R161 / 34.5 / 33 / unfinished / 12 bats

In 1987 a single order of H & B bats was sent to McGwire as a member of the Oakland A's, as follows:
2/13/87 - S318 / 34.5 / 33 / unfinished / 12 bats

What is the proper designation for these bats ? They are professional model bats manufactured by H & B for use by Mark McGwire in a professional game. The Model M235, C271, C271C, and M110 bats could have been used in minor league games by McGwire. In my opinion, the R161 bats from June, 1986 could have been used in either minor league or Major League games as McGwire's debut with the A's occurred on 8/22/86. The Feb 1987 order of S318 bats were likely used in Spring Training, and possibly into the Major League season, although I have seen no photo confirmation of that.

Terming these bats "Rookie-era" is probably accurate as far as Webster's Dictionary goes, but is misleading as far as the bat collecting hobby goes, as the implication is that McGwire could have used them in his rookie year/years.

Clearly, the bats that have 1984-1985 H & B labeling (M235, C271, C271C, and M110) , at best, may have been used as a professional player in the Minor Leagues. The proper term for those bats would be Minor League, or pre- Major League bats, which would be accurate and not misleading.

The orders with 1986-1989 H & B labeling ((R161 and S318) could properly be termed "Rookie-era" although the buyer would have to do the research as offered here to establish a comfort level with those bats.

McGwire's 1988 post -season H & B bats were shipped on 9/30/88 and consisted of two R161 / 34.5 inch / 33 ounce / unfinished bats.

To confuse the issue just a little bit more, in Nov 1987 a shipment of 24 McGwire R161 / 34.5 inch / no weight ordered / unfinished bats were sent to Baseball Miscellaneous ... those bats were likely ordered for a promotional event hence the lack of a weight designation, however that is not certain. Also, in Oct/Nov 1988 a single 34 inch R161 was sent to Dixon Brothers, a single 34.5 inch R161 was sent to Jobber Promotions, and a single 34.5 inch S318 was sent to Baseball Miscellaneous.

Good Luck, Howard.... Also I am always looking for Dick Stuart 1965 Phillies memorabilia if you come across any...


04-06-2006, 01:58 PM
Mike-thanks for the amazing info.

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Howard Wolf