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03-10-2006, 12:23 PM
Read column today, had "some" info on Kingman game used bat records, but Louisville Slugger has informed me as of last summer that they do not have sufficient personal to answer collector inquiries anymore...

So, was wondering if info could be provided on models, and additional info of any kind from the files...

Robert Koppel

03-10-2006, 08:26 PM
Hi Robert --- Here is some basic information on Kong's H & B factory records....

1964 1/2 - 1972 labeling period (1970 - 72 for Kingman)
Models :S2, M159, H4, P72, W215
Length Range : 334 - 36 inches (most 36)
Weight Range: 35 - 38 ounces (most 34 1/2 +/- 1/2)

1973 - 1975:
Models:S2, W215, K75, O16, J93, C271C, S2C, H174C,
Length: 33 - 37 inches (most 35 or longer)
Weight: 33 - 36 ounces

Models: S2C, M110C, S2
Length: 35 - 36 inches
Weight: 34 - 34 1/2 ounces

1977 - 1979:
Models: S2, S2C, R161C
Length: 35 1/2 - 37 inches (most 36)
Weight: 34 - 35 ounces

1980 - 1982 (1980 - 1981
Models; S2C, R161C, S2, K140 ( new model made for Kingman
5/4/80...S2 barrel w/ C271 handle and knob), K10 (new model
made for Kingman 3/16/81 from Adirondack with # 302F on center
brand -- yes, you read that right -- 302F on center brand)
Length:34 1/2 - 36 inches (most 36)
Weight: 33 - 36 ounces (most 34)

Unfortunately my records are incomplete from 6/4/81 through 10/5/86. Hopefullt jim or someone else on the forum can help out here.

Good Luck in future collecting.


03-10-2006, 08:55 PM
Hi again Robert--

I found the remaining records-- they had slipped out of the file folder when I removed the file to reply. Anyway, here goes:

Models: S2, S2C
Length: 36 inches
Weight: 32 - 34 ounces (most 34)

Models: S2
Length:36 inches
Weight; 32 - 34 ounces

1984 - 1985;
Models:C271, S2 (most S2)
Length: 35 - 35 1/2 inches (most 35 1/2)
Weight; 32 - 33 ounces (most 33)

1986 - 1986:
Models: S2, C243
Length: 35 - 35 1/2 inches
weigth; 32 - 33 ounces


Kingman's last order as A Major league player was shipped on 7/3/86 (Oakland A's).

In 1987 Kingman had orders of Models C243 and S2 shipped to him at Phoenix Firebirds These bats would have 1986 - 1989 labeling.

In 1989 Kingman played in the Senior professional Baseball League and ordered model K55 and S2 bats. These also would have 1986 - 1989 labeling.


03-11-2006, 03:02 AM
Thanks Mike. I have been a collector of Kingman bats and memorabilia for some 25 years or more. While I have many of the bats listed, I see there are others that I will need to pursue...

Was wondering, do the shipping records glean any other information, such as bat finishes or other specs that Dave would have been especially "picky" about? Again, thank you - as you have been more complete than HB ever was regarding information thru the years...

Robert Koppel

03-11-2006, 11:38 AM
Hi Robert --

Dave Kingman ordered "FB" (Flame Burned) finishes on 95 % of all orders from 1970 to 1983. From 1984 to the end of his career, including the Senior League, he ordered all Natural finishes.

It sounds like you are trying to get one of each game-used model of Kingman's...I had the same idea with Willie McCovey at one time, but stopped after about six different models. Then, when I was able to have access to Mac's h & B records, I was glad I had abandoned that idea. I hope you have better luck. Here are some Kingman distribution numbers that may help.

With Kingman, the majority of his bats were (regardless of cupped or round), roughly in most-ordered to least-ordered, as follows: S2, C271, W215, and C243. They should be the relatively easy ones.

The next level should be, in no particular order, J93 - 15 bats in 1974-1975; R161 - 24 bats in 1978-1980; H4 - 16 bats in 1970-1972; R161 - 24 bats in 1978 and 1980,

The more difficult ones will be (in no particular order):P72 - 3 bats in 1971; M159 - 6 bats in 1979; O16 - 6 bats in 1974; K75 - 12 bats in 1973, S216 - 6 bats in 1974, and M110 - 12 bats in 1970 and 1976.

Regarding the models he had made to his specifications, distribution was K140 - 12 bats in 1980 and K10 - 12 bats in 1981.

If you have any specific questions on any specific Kingman bat you have or are considering, drop me a line. Good Luck.


03-11-2006, 12:31 PM
Thanks Mike:

For as many years as I have been in this, learning that there are other models out there: M159, P72, K75, O16, M110, K140, K10 Adirondack, it would appear the search continues! As a collector, I would guess we all want the hunt to continue as long as we get a bat here and there. 2005 was a great year for me having obtained and early Giants Adironadck, H4 and H174, C271 Louisville's.

The first 7 models I list must be extremely tough, as from '80 to present I have never seen them...

If further info can be given as to quantity ordered of any given model, that would probably be as conclusive as we can get??!! I still remember the days when a Kingman gamer could be had for $75. Then 100, 150, 200, 300, etc.

Bob Koppel
Dave Kingman Supercollector

03-11-2006, 12:33 PM
PS - Any info on Worth and Adirondack records?? Thanks - Bob

03-11-2006, 01:56 PM
Hi Bob--

in re-reading my last post I see that I didn't list the H174 (cupped). there were 2 orders totaling 16 bats in 1975 35 1/2 inches / 34 1/2 ounces, FB finish. Let me know how the hunt progresses.


03-12-2006, 11:19 PM

We did not discuss the Kingman bat model S188. I have this model which is a Louisville not and old label HB. What do records show of this??

As always, anyone with info pertaining to selling Dave Kingman game used bats or other equipment, please keep me advised as I am always interested:

Bob Koppel
Evening Phone: (810)364-1713

03-16-2006, 02:06 AM
Just to let you know there is a dave kingman aigned and autographed game used bat on grey flannel

03-16-2006, 11:50 AM
Hi Bob--

In Kingman's factory records from 1970 through 1996 there is no documention of any Model S188 Kingman bats having been sent to him at any time. From 1982 to 1996 the records also show bats sent to other "customers" such as Baseball Promotions, Baseball Miscellaneous, and other promotional companies. In Kingman's records, again, there is no documentation of any orders ofKingman S188 bats going to any destination.


03-16-2006, 01:04 PM

JT Sports has a Kingman bat on Ebay:

http://cgi.ebay.com/Dave-Kingman-Game-Used-Bat_W0QQitemZ8780133363QQcategoryZ60596QQssPageNam eZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

03-16-2006, 04:21 PM
Hi Bob --

Just for info, the bat referenced above that is listed on Ebay is from the 1980 - 1983 H & B labeling period, specifically dated to 1980 as the only year during that period that Kingman wore uniform Number 10 (Chicago Cubs.) The bat matches H & B factory records for four shipments in early 1980 as follows:

S2 36 inches 34 ounces (one shipment was 34 1/2 ounces)

All orders had Flame Treated finish, cupped ends (S2C), and a request to "mark weights."

Good Luck in future collecting.


03-16-2006, 10:00 PM
Odd Mike - because I have a Kingman S188 on my bat rack. Bought it from Ballpark Heroes a few years ago. Any idea where it would have come from - maybe a promo bat or something??

Thanks for the info on the Kong bat. I will pass it along to some collector pals. S2 was Dave's regular bat, and I have that model. Dave wore #10 all 3 years with Cubs and a year and a half with Oakland for 1 reason: Billy Williams was coaching those years on those teams and had his 26. When Billy left mid 85 Dave reclaimed it.