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Rob L
02-16-2006, 11:48 AM
an amazing 1890s workmans glove ended up selling on eBay this week for $ 4,100 and change. The only flaw appears to the be a tear in the stuffing inside the glove under the crescent. Based on the value and condition of this glove, would you have this repaired?

Rob L

02-16-2006, 12:16 PM
Wow, nice piece of history. I personally would be hesitant to do too much to it. A minor repair like the one you are describing, if done right, would look nice. Since it's not a perticular game used piece, I don't see anything wrong with a small repair. If you were ever to resell it, I would disclose any alterations done while in your possession. Good luck!

Rob L
02-16-2006, 12:37 PM
Unfortunately, I didn't even get close to winning that one. I ended my bids at $ 750.00. One that did get away killed me. No one was bidding on this childs size workmans/crescent glove. I don't think it was listed property and I placed a snipe in at $ 145.00. One bid outsniped me and sold for $ 147.50. That one hurt!!:eek:

02-16-2006, 04:07 PM
Hi Rob- I was watching that $4100 glove auction too...was fun to see how high it would go. I personally wouldn't repair it, but I pretty much do not like to repair things and keep as is...just my taste. The glove was also described as being "very stiff" if I recall, so that would concern me more than the torn heel.

I ran across the other child's glove auction after it was done and was suprised at how low it went. If I had seen that when it was live I probably would have put in a bid:D .

02-16-2006, 04:21 PM
I would leave it as is. When you get to that level of scarcity and desireability, a $150.00 repair does almost nothing to enhance value, but may be a turn off to a major collector who wants it original. All glovers know they can get a glove relined. Now, if it was a Heart of the Hide Mantle glove or another super desireable glove from the 40s or 50s, I would get it relined if the lining was trashed.
As far as bats are concerned, I have nooo problem with store model bats that have been restored by a master like Fred Lowman. The value is definately enhanced in the eyes of the majority of bat collectors. Game bats...no. Who wants a store model bat with electrical tape or screws holding it together when it could be returned to near new condition. I don't mind character or wear, but missing pieces or disfiguring cracks are not acceptable to me.
With regard to that snipe, don't kick yourself because it went for $147. That was just the next bidding increment after your high bid. Hell, he may have left a snipe for $300 on it.

02-16-2006, 05:46 PM
I was interested in the glove as well but went way too high for its condition if you ask me the same glove will be auctioned at Hunt auctions but in much better shape check it out on their site, under featured.
Too bad on the crescent heel kids glove. What do you think a kids glove like that would be worth listed properly?

02-16-2006, 06:00 PM
Hi PGriffin. Welcome to the vintage forum. You new here? What do you collect. Good to see some more names pop up on the this forum.

I am not focusing on gloves now so I haven't paid too much attention to values lately, but there are many collectors out there that want to add a workman glove to their collecton, even one in poor condition and/or a childs glove, and would value it very high. If the seller listed it properly and put out a BIN of $500 I bet it would have been scooped up. This one looks to be in good condition and displays great even if it is small. I could be way off...maybe it would go for a lot more (or a lot less).

Rob L
02-16-2006, 06:16 PM
I would have bid upto 4 or 5 bones. When I set my snipe originally, there were so few bids on the kids glove that I set my snipe where I did. Had it the bidding originally been higher, I would have had a higher snipe bid. It closed while I was out of town so I wonder if I would have upped my snipe before it closed.:confused:

Rob L

Rob L
02-16-2006, 06:22 PM
Actually, the condition of the glove, other than the tear is in awesome shape. It may be stiff, but can be easily softened. I think the most unique feature of the glove is that it is for a left-handed player which is exceeding rare. I'm bummed because I could use it if I had won it.

Rob L