View Full Version : White Sox Aparicio Jersey?

02-12-2006, 09:20 PM
I would like to know anyone's opinion on this jersey. I collect White Sox jerseys and have seen many Aparicio as well as other Sox jerseys. On ebay is an 1968 Sox road Wilson jersey with the name on back removed, number 11 on front and back and nothing is stiched in the collar. At first glance you would think this was an Aparicio jersey, but some things don't add up. First you can see from the picture that possibly the name on the back used to be Sandy Alomar who wore number 11 in 1967 and changed to number 1 in 1968. Also I've only seen Aparicio wear size 38 and this jersey is a size 40. Aparicio was traded back to the Sox in November of 1967 and I can't see the Sox having already received jerseys for 1968 before November. Why would the Sox make a number 11 jersey in 1968 for Sandy Alomar when Aparicio was reacquired? What do you guys think? Is this possibly a Hall of Famers jersey? I'm guessing not.