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02-10-2006, 03:30 PM
Got this in the ol' email box

Dear Customer,

Grey Flannel has made it easier to get in touch with specific department heads via email. You can now reach the following individuals at these email addresses:

Richard Russek, President - RR@GreyFlannel.com
Jane Prosky, Accounting - Jane@GreyFlannel.com
Keith Vari, Aquisitions Director - Keith@GreyFlannel.com
Dan Feldman, Auction Director - Dan@GreyFlannel.com
General Mailbox - info@greyflannel.com

We are a week away from the deadline to accept consignments for our Summer Games 2006 Auction scheduled for May 10th. We are now only accepting premier items valued over $5,000. Keith Vari will be in the Boston, MA area on Monday the 13th through mid-day Tueday the 14th. You can make an appointment to drop off your consignments or if you are in the area he will come to you. Call him directly at 631.926.9142

Please visit our direct sales website with dozens of new items added everyday at www.greyflannel.com

Thank you,
Richard Russek