View Full Version : Update on “Items for Sale” Area

11-25-2007, 07:29 PM
Hello Everyone,

As previously discussed, we are working on developing an upgraded platform for members wishing to list items for sale on the GUU site which will revolutionize the way game used items are bought and sold in the hobby. One of the primary objectives of the site is to allow collectors to discriminate between different types of memorabilia, whether legitimate or suspect. The new platform will enable potential buyers to see images and detailed descriptions of all items being offered on the site as well as receive feedback to any questions they may have about items. We are confident the new platform will: a) allow buyers to get all the information they need to make informed decisions about items of interest; and b) be a fantastic venue for sellers to offer products to a very large and targeted potential buying audience.

We have already developed software to meet these objectives and are now in the process of doing internal testing (and refining) of the software. While we are thrilled with what our developers have created, we will also not release the software without making sure it is completely user-friendly and flawless. I am sure anyone who has ever been involved with a software release will attest to the importance of these objectives. Given the potentially large number of people who will likely be using the software, we will likely also be asking a small group of people outside of GUU to perform a final round of beta testing to make sure the software is performing up to specifications. At this point we are targeting a launch date for the platform in the latter part of December depending on the results of the multi-layered testing.

Please note that we have worked extremely hard to create a platform we think will be a tremendous asset to the collecting community. However, we absolutely need to make sure everything works properly before opening it up to the hobby. While no one is more eager than us to get the platform up and running, we trust you will bear with us as we take all the necessary steps to make sure the system works without problems.

In the interim, we have discussed things internally and will temporarily put back the previous 'Items for Sale" forum on Monday, November 26th. The old "Items for Sale" forum will remain open until the new platform is released, likely in late December. This will allow people to buy and sell during the holiday season while we make the finishing touches on the new system. We will make an announcement when the new platform is ready at which point the old 'Items for Sale' forum will be permanently closed.