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11-11-2005, 12:52 PM
posted by ken sulik (http://www.gameuseduniverse.com/network/users.php?id=354) Several times in the past few years, iIve come across stories about pro model bats not having model numbers on the knobs on mid-70's LV bats; usually, the story attributes this to a strike. Has anyone else heard this, and is there any validity to these stories?

Mike Specht (http://www.gameuseduniverse.com/network/users.php?id=307) wrote 2005-11-03 00:40:52
RE: Blank knobs on mid-70s LV bats
Hi Ken --

From the book BATS -- PROFESSIONAL HILLERICH & BRADSBY AND ADIRONDACK 1950-1994 by Malta, Fox, Riddell, and Specht (pages 31-33):

"H & B did produce bats without model numbers, including, most notably, individual player post - 1975 H & B World Series and All Star bats. Another large group of H & B model-numberless bats were produced during a factory strike in 1974 where model numbers are missing from the knobs.

So, if a bat has markings consistent with the 1973 to 1975 time period, but has no model numbers on the knob, you can assume H & B made it in 1974 during the strike. With the exception of the World Series and All Star bats mentioned above, many collectors feel uncomfortable with collecting an H & B pro model player bat without a model number. But remember that while a player model number on a bat is important, it's only one of the many criteria by which you can judge the authenticity of a pro bat."

Good Luck in future collecting.